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Saturday, April 30, 2005

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How To Raise Your First Million Dollars

Firefox Tops 50 Million Downloads

The Dutch Web analytics firm reports that Firefox has captured 8.69% of the global browser market share. The most popular browsers on the web are:
Browser February 28 2005April 28 2005 Variation
Microsoft IE
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

Niels Brinkman thinks, the rapidly growth of the global usage share of Mozilla's Firefox seems seems down and it looks like that browser users of Internet Explorer for Apple's Mac are switching to Safari because the global usage share is still growing.
Firefox Market Share Gains Slowing BetaNews
Firefox passes 50 million threshold SC Magazine
Softpedia - Register - Redmond - WJXX - all 21 related »

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Most Popular Phones

Six Apart Brings Mobile Sharing to LiveJournal Users!

Six Apart and Nokia announced that the users of Six Apart's LiveJournal online community can easily post text to their diaries using Nokia Lifeblog, an application solution that keeps an organized multimedia diary of items collected with your mobile phone. LiveJournal users can enhance their diaries by uploading photos with text to their LiveJournal entries. LiveJournal is an online community organized around personal journals. Built on open source software, LiveJournal has helped fuel the rapid growth of blogging by offering consumers free and paid accounts on its personal publishing service. More than 1 million users update their LiveJournals per week. Nokia Lifeblog software organizes photos, videos, text messages and multimedia messages into a chronology you can browse, search and share. Lifebloggers can share online, from the phone or PC, via Six Apart's TypePad personal publishing service. The blogging capability of Nokia Lifeblog is based on the open ATOM standard.
Nokia releases the Nokia 5140i Geekzone
Sporty Nokia 5140i: An ideal training partner for fitness enthusiasts AME Info
Technology News Daily - all 11 related »
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Friday, April 22, 2005

Google shares skyrocket

Google's shares surged to new highs today after quarterly results showed an amazing advertising growth. Google communicated yesterday its first-quarter gross revenue nearly doubled to $1.26 billion. Google's shares rose almost 10% to $224 at the start of trade on the Nasdaq. Growth is being fueled by rapid overseas expansion of Web search advertising like AdSense and AdWords, known as paid search, and by adoption from mainstream advertisers and consumers. Google and Yahoo dominate the market, which generates nearly all of Google's revenue and just under half of the revenue at Yahoo. Audiences already are forsaking traditional media in favor of the Web, and the advertisers are following them online. Revenue from U.S. online search advertising could exceed that of traditional media outlets like Yellow Pages directories or even the radio business by the end of the decade. Paid search advertising was estimated to be about a $4 billion industry in the United States last year, growing at a rate of as much as 50% annually, though that is expected to moderate to about 25% in future years. In comparison, Yellow Pages directories, which are expected to take in about $14.4 billion in advertising this year, are posting roughly 3% to 5% ad growth. With the beta launch of the My Search History feature, Google also joined Yahoo’s MyYahooSearch, Ask’s MyJeeves service,’s, and in offering personalized search features or "local search" with the aim of taking business from traditional Yellow Pages providers.
Google first quarter profit soars Morocco Times
Wall Street Gets Punk'd Motley Fool
Bloomberg - Investor's Business Daily (subscription) - MSN Money - Globe and Mail - all 390 related »

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Skype passes 100 m. users, launches SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail Beta

Skype released two new premium services as downloads of Skype software reach 100 million. The new services SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail, available for a monthly fee, enable users to avoid roaming charges any where in the world and ten minutes of voicemail. Incoming calls are routed with SkypeIn through the Skype client and can be received anywhere in the world. Users may purchase up to three numbers from their home country in Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Skype users previously had to be connected to the internet to receive calls.
Have Skype Will Roam, New Services Announced Boost Marketing
Skype Claims 100 Million Users America's Network
Skype scores 100 millionth customer Hardware Zone
PC World - Xtvworld (press release) - all 48 related »
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Rising Oil Prices, China Trade Policies Worry G-7

Ministers from the Group of Seven richest nations backed plans for a new monitoring facility that would allow strong-performing poor countries to seek International Monetary Fund assistance without having to borrow funds. The proposal was discussed between United States Treasury Secretary John Snow and finance chiefs from South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana. The innovation would keep down poor country debts because there would be no lending involved. But in case of financial crises, such countries could tap the IMF's Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility, the low-interest lending facility for its poorest borrowers. Details of the plan and where it would fit into the IMF, which generally only lends to countries in crisis, are still up in the air. The Bush administration's Treasury Department is pushing the IMF to better define its role in low-income countries. Until then, the U.S. is rejecting a British proposal to sell IMF gold stocks to finance debt relief for poor countries. Snow said the new facility could help stable low-income countries that no longer need IMF financing. Finance chiefs from the G-7 vowed action to reduce global economic imbalances, calling for U.S. budget deficit cuts and reforms in Europe and Japan. The G7 described record oil prices as a "headwind" facing the "robust" global economy, it appeared more concernedabout increasingly lopsided international accounts.
IMF'S Rato urges finance chiefs to face challenges Reuters
Festive mood outside finance meetings BusinessWeek
Washington Post - Metro Toronto - WLUC-TV - WTOP - all 239 related »
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wireless NewsFactor

US Deficit reaches all-time record in February

High oil prices helped push the U.S. trade deficit to a record $61 billion in February. The trade gap widened 4.3% from January and was 33% higher than one year ago. A slight rise in exports during February to a record $100.5 billion was overwhelmed by a larger jump in imports to a record $161.5 billion. The trade data pressured the dollar in early trading against the euro and yen. Democrats said the rising trade deficit called for a change in the Bush administration's trade policies, which they blamed for the loss of 3 million U.S. jobs since 2000. Although U.S. exports exceeded $100 billion for the third consecutive month and technically set a record. Imports set records in several categories, including autos and auto parts, consumer goods and industrial supplies and materials, in a sign of strong U.S. demand. A jump in average monthly crude oil import prices to $36.85 per barrel propelled the value of petroleum and product imports to the second highest level on record, despite the lowest volume of crude oil imports in a year. Overall imports from China dipped to $17.0 billion in February, the lowest level since June, and the U.S. trade deficit with China also fell to $13.9 billion, the lowest since May.
Trade Gap Hits Yet Another Record Washington Post
Trade gap hits all-time high in February Pioneer Press
Los Angeles Times (subscription) - BusinessWeek - ABC News - Northwest Herald - all 480 related »
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Monday, April 11, 2005

3 Google billionaires paid $1 in salary in 2005

The top executives of Google Inc. took salary cuts and received negligible bonuses in 2004 but hit financial jackpots after the company went public in August, according to regulatory filings. Last year, Chief Executive Eric Schmidt earned a salary of $81,432, a third of his 2003 salary, and a bonus of just $1,556, according to the company's proxy. Co-founders and presidents Larry Page and Sergey Brin each took a similar cut in pay. They each received a 2004 salary of $43,750 plus a similar bonus of $1,556. In the second quarter of 2004, Schmidt, Page and Brin requested that their salaries each be slashed to $1 per year. They will continue to be paid $1 in 2005, as per their request, despite a recommendation by the board to boost their pay.
Google bosses work for a dollar
Google bosses work for a dollar Inquirer
MarketWatch - Reuters - CNN International - This is London - all 167 related » - The #1 Independent Tax Source on the Net!
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Friday, April 08, 2005

The decline of the West

Students from Shanghai Jiaotong University took the first place in the Association for Computing Machinery's International Collegiate Programming Contest, sponsored by IBM. Shanghai Jiaotong University was the only team to correctly solve eight of the ten problems in this year's Contest. Moscow State University, St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, and University of Waterloo finished the competition in second, third, and fourth places, respectively, and all won Gold medals. This year, 78 teams earned coveted spots on the World Finals roster, out of more than 4,100 teams from 71 countries who competed in regional contests worldwide. This year's top twelve teams that received medals are:
The three-person teams were awarded medals based on the number of problems they solved in the shortest time during the competition. In an exciting tournament style challenge prior to the World Finals competition, students were introduced to IBM's Blue Gene/L, the fastest supercomputer in the world, which runs on the company's Power processing technology. Teams created a parallel application on an IBM POWER-based platform, a technology used by universities, government agencies, research organizations and commercial enterprises to solve some of the most complex problems in physics, engineering, biology, geology and the environment. The Academic Initiative helps to ensure that universities have the most up-to-date curricula that are relevant to the career aspirations of their students. ACM and IBM also announced the 2006 ICPC World Finals will be returning to the United States and will be held in San Antonio, TX, hosted by Baylor University.
29th ACM Intl. Programming Contest Results Slashdot
Russian Students Runners-Up in Shanghai World Programming Contest MOSNEWS - Cnet Asia - all 11 related »
online college and university
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Pakistan and China sign 22 agreements

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao began a tour of South Asia in Pakistan on Tuesday, reinforcing a strategic alliance between old friends and signing a range of agreements on economic and trade cooperation. Wen arrived with a 70 men strong delegation of business people and officials and was greeted by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. On Wednesday, Wen will deliver a keynote address to an Asian ministerial meeting and then travel to the eastern city of Lahore on Thursday before heading to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. Analysts said China and Pakistan would reaffirm their long-standing close political ties but booming China's economic concerns were expected to dominate Wen's agenda. Among more than 20 agreements signed on Tuesday was a treaty of friendship and a pact on combating terrorism and separatism. Despite the reiteration of strategic ties, China is now dealing with the region on a pragmatic basis, with economics setting the agenda, and Pakistan could no longer take a special relationship with China for granted. Underlining that, 15 of the agreements on Tuesday were on trade and investment. Pakistani officials said the agreements between the two countries involved Chinese investment of about $350 million. China has long been Pakistan's main source of arms and on the eve of Wen's visit, the navy signed contracts for four Chinese frigates. They are also producing a fighter aircraft together. China also provides Pakistan with hundreds of millions of dollars in development financing. Pakistan is building a 300-megawatt nuclear power plant worth $874 million with Chinese help and China financed 80% of a new $248 million deep-water port at Gawadar on the Arabian Sea. Pakistani officials have rejected suggestions the port would serve as a Chinese navy listening post, monitoring vital Middle Eastern oil shipping lanes nearby.
China backs Indo-Pak peace process
Chinese Prime Minister Visits Pakistan on South Asia Tour Voice of America
Xinhua - GEO - Radio Australia - Pakistan Link - all 67 related »
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Sunday, April 03, 2005

World Pays Respects To John Paul II

Rome has laid on extra trains and fresh water supplies and begun to erect hundreds of tents in expectation that the death of Pope John Paul II will spur one of the greatest influxes of pilgrims in its history. Officials said more than 150,000 people streamed into St. Peter's Square throughout the day to show their respect for the Polish Pope who led the world's 1.1 billion Catholics for more than a quarter of a century. The crowd blocked roads to the Vatican, but Rome organisers were bracing for the arrival of possibly millions more for the Pontiff'slying-in-state and funeral this week. The attendance of scores of heads of state for the funeral will add to the unprecedented strain on the Italian capital. Mayor Walter Veltroni warned that Rome faced one of the biggest organisational tasks in its history, surpassing even the Catholic Jubilee Year in 2000 when 30 million pilgrims crammed into its cobbled streets over a 12-month period. For the Pope's funeral alone, officials are expecting at least 2 million pilgrims, far outnumbering the 250,000 that filled St. Peter's Square for Mother Teresa's beatification in 2003, among the most popular events of John Paul's pontificate. The lying-in-state began on Sunday and although the general public will not be able to view the Pontiff's corpse until Monday afternoon, the flow of faithful from outside the city had already begun. Regional railway authorities reported a 30% increase in arrivals in Rome. The city's two main airports said they expected a heavy flow of visitors from Monday. While pilgrims will fly in from around the world, the largest contingent is likely to come from Poland to pay their final respects to theirillustrious countryman. Workmen on Sunday began constructing "tent cities" in sports venues like Rome's Olympic Stadium to accommodate the visitors. Huge television screens to show the funeral went up at 10 sites, among them the Circus Maximus, Ancient Rome's chariot-racing track. The city council has also drafted in hundreds of voluntary staff and sanitation crews to build makeshift toilets and drinking fountains.
Women in the pope's life News24
World mourns Pope's passing Hindu
Financial Times - Reuters - East African Standard - Wired News - all 5,191 related »
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Friday, April 01, 2005

E-Commerce Times

Google Ups the Email Storage to 2 Gigabytes

Google released its free web e-mail product Gmail with one gigabytes storage last year. Google announced it will be doubling free storage to two gigabytes shortly after Yahoo matched its original offer. Consumers are increasingly using their e-mail inboxes to store everything from work documents and correspondence to larger digital music, video and photo files. The price of providing Web e-mail storage has been in steep decline. Gmail, still in beta version, is offered only as an English-language service. but Google plans on continuing this increase for the foreseeable future. Up to now less than a few percent of Gmail users are bumping up against the 1 gigabyte limit. Yahoo last week said it would begin giving users of its free Web e-mail service 1 gigabyte of storage, four times more than it had previously offered. Yahoo Mail, available in 15 languages in almost two dozen countries around the world, gives users 2 gigabytes of storage for $20 a year. Microsoft offers 250 megabytes of storage to users on its free Hotmail accounts. Like Yahoo, it offers 2 gigabytes for an annual fee of $20. Google said the increase will not be the last from the company, which intends to make further free storage increases on its Web e-mail system as users needs expand.
Google doubles e-mail space, promises future boosts KESQ
Calling Out Identity Thieves Wired News
Daily Finance And Business News - Washington Post - Hindu Business Line - Globe and Mail - all 257 related »
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