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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Top Tech News

Indonesia Quake Killed 420 People, Toll May Rise

A huge earthquake northwest of Indonesia killed at least 420 people, and possibly several thousand, and triggered tsunami warnings overnight which caused panic across the Indian Ocean. The epicenter of the quake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale was just 320 kilometres from that of the December 26 quake which sent giant waves crashing into 12 nations, killing over 273,000 people. Indonesian officials said at least 420 people had been confirmed dead on Nias and Simeulue islands off Sumatra. The undersea quake struck last night about 200 kilometers off the west coast of Sumatra and prompted Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, to issue warnings of imminent tsunamis. Alerts rang out on television and radio, while police and local residents tried to shepherd people to safety away from the coast towards high ground. But the giant tsunamis never materialised and three hours after the quake Indonesia and Thailand gave the all-clear. While the region was spared a new tsunami horror, the earthquake caused widespread destruction on Nias, an island of 700,000 people which is popular with surfers. An AFP reporter who flew with the envoy in the chartered aircraft as it passed over Gunung Sitoli said damaged buildings with collapsed roofs were clearly visible. But he said the level of destruction was nowhere near the scale wrought on the Sumatra coastline by the December 26 tsunamis. Condolences and relief offers quickly flooded in from overseas. Singapore said it had despatched military helicopters and a team of medical and rescue workers to Nias, while Japan offered to send relief goods, paramedics and troops. A military official said a three-metre wave had smashed into a port on Simeulue, causing extensive damage and unconfirmed reports of casualties. The earthquake evoked b itter memories of the December disaster in which a 9.0-magnitude quake triggered waves 15 metres high that roared across the Indian Ocean at speeds of up to 700 kilometres per hour killing more than 273,000 people across Asia.
Search on for survivors of Indonesian quake CTV
Second hit for surfer's paradise CNN International
ABC Online - Michigan Daily - WBIR-TV - Financial Times - all 1,504 related » - The #1 Independent Tax Source on the Net!
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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wireless NewsFactor

Millions find alternative ways of file sharing

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project recent survey, 36 million Americans have used ways outside of traditional paid services or P2P networks, like Kazaa or eDonkey, to gather and swap music and video files. Less than a week before the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in MGM v. Grokster, in which the court will decide whether technology companies can be held liable for the illegal activities of their users, the survey finds that 27% of U.S. Internet users, or 36 million Americans, say they're downloading audio and video files outside of the P2P networks and paid online services. The emerging media for content exchange include digital audio players, E-mail, instant messaging, blogs, and other Web sites. Some 19% of those who download audio and video files, about 7 million adults, admit to having downloaded files from someone else's iPod or MP3 player. Mary Madden believes these findings have implications to the MGM case in terms of extending the file-sharing debate beyond the peer-to-peer networks. "We wanted to look at some of the other types of hardware and software that can potentially be used for infringing purposes," she says. 38% of Americans express faith in the government's ability to reduce illegal file sharing, while 42% believe the government's actions are ineffective. But broadband users, the group for whom downloading is the easiest, are more skeptical of government anti-piracy efforts, with 57% voicing the view that enforcement doesn't work. The number of Internet users who say they download music files reached 22%, up from 18% in February 2004 but below the peak of 32% in October 2002. Among those who identified themselves as former music downloaders, 10% of Internet users, 28% acknowledged that they changed their behavior because they were afraid of getting into trouble, some specifically citing the Recording Industry Association of America's ongoing legal campaign against file sharers as their motivation to reform. The study is the result of a phone survey of 1,421 adult Internet users.
Survey: Music Files Swapping Off P2P Daily Finance And Business News
File Swappers Find New Ways to Trade Tunes PC World - Slyck - Information Week - BusinessWeek - all 158 related »
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Friday, March 25, 2005

Xtra News

Revolt peaceful, but aftermath feared

A day after snatching power in a lightning coup in the Kyrgyzstan, an ex-Soviet state, Kyrgyzstan's opposition, named a new acting president and won almost immediate and vital support from Russia. The government of veteran President Askar Akayev, who has fled, collapsed yesterday after thousands of protesters stormed the main administration building in Bishkek, dragging the Central Asian city into an orgy of looting. "God forbid anybody would have to have such a revolution," Felix Kulov, appointed acting interior minister, told state television. "It was a rampage of looting, just like in Iraq." At least one man was shot dead during the looting overnight and 31 police officers were wounded, some seriously, he said. Gunshots rang out throughout the night in the city of 800,000. The unrest in the capital Bishkek followed violent protests earlier in the week in the poorer south. The Kyrgyz ambassador to the United States called it a coup. "This ... is an anti-constitutional coup," Baktybek Adrisaev told CNN. But Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was ready to work with the Kyrgyz opposition and offered refuge in Russia to Akayev, who is thought to have fled abroad, possibly to neighboring Kazakhstan. "We know these people pretty well and they have done quite a lot to establish good relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan," Putin told reporters on a visit to Armenia. In Bishkek, broken glass and naked mannequins ripped from shop windows littered the streets after a night of looting. The situation remained tense on Friday. "We had three men guarding the store but there was a crowd of about 100 people," said Oleg Ivanchenko, head of security at one shop. "They starting throwing stones at the windows and told us if we didn't get out they'd smash us up along with the shop. They took everything away. I called the police but there was no answer."
Former Politicians Lead the Opposition in Kyrgyzstan Zaman Online
New leaders named after Kyrgyz ouster Gateway 2 Russia
Reuters - Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) - Bloomberg - Times Online - all 1,664 related »

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Top Tech News

Microsoft partners with Symbian

British mobile phone software maker Symbian has agreed to license synchronization software from long-time rival Microsoft in an effort to win more corporate customers. More than 20 million users of smartphones who run on Symbian software devices will be able to wirelessly receive emails via network computers that run Microsoft's Exchange Server software. These servers are used mainly for Microsoft's Outlook email and calendar applications. Nokia, which sells most of the Symbian-based smartphones, has signed last month another deal with Microsoft to license the same software, called ActiveSync, for use in its enterprise devices such as the Communicator. The collaboration is intriguing, because Symbian was set up by the world's biggest mobile phone makers in the late 1990s as a force against Microsoft, which handset makers believed was aiming to dominate the cell phone industry in the same way it had become the de facto operating system for personal computers. But six years on, Microsoft's market share in operating software for mobile phones has not crossed 1%. Corporate employees have to come to expect email on their mobile devices as it was pioneered by the Blackberry device, from Research In Motion. "Microsoft isn't a monolithic company. This is a deal we've done with their server division and is aimed to complete the portfolio of email solutions, so that people have the choice to receive emails whichever email system they use," said Symbian spokesman Peter Bancroft. Microsoft's Windows software for mobile devices is run from another division at the world's biggest software company. Symbian continues to support a wide range of other email synchronization protocols such as RIM's Blackberry Connect as well as the Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization protocol.
Microsoft licenses synchronization software to UK rival Symbian New Ratings
Symbian's Microsoft deal 'too little, too late'
PC Pro - BusinessWeek - Motley Fool - all 165 related »
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Monday, March 21, 2005

BBC News

InterActiveCorp to Buy Ask Jeeves for $1.9 Billion

ZDNet and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that IAC will today announce the acquisition of Ask Jeeves in a deal worth $1.9 billion. IAC/InterActive owns a variety of internet businesses.
Most of Ask Jeeves' revenue comes from advertising that appears on its sites through a contract with Google. Fourth-quarter profits and revenue at Ask Jeeves more than doubled. Net income rose to $17.5 million, and revenue rose to $86.1 million from $31.8 million a year earlier. IAC/InterActive has 44 million visitors a month to its various sites. CitySearch is a network of city guides that provide information on restaurants, bars and events in different cities. By marrying a local-search business with a global search engine, Interactive hopes to benefit from further growth in targeted keyword advertising, the executive involved in the deal said.
IAC close to USD 1.9 bln to buy Ask Jeeves Telecom Paper (subscription)
Diller 'near to' Ask Jeeves buy BBC News
Los Angeles Times (subscription) - Boston Globe - New York Times - Financial Times - all 19 related »
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Friday, March 18, 2005

Kashar News

Microsoft unveils paid search MSN adCenter

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer and Yusuf Mehdi announced MSN adCenter, an online advertising program according to an announcement at MSN's customer summit in Redmond. The new search products could consist in a serious challenge to search engine giants Google and Yahoo. The MSN adCenter’s first product will be paid search, advertising listings that show up with a search query’s results. This new feature will be trialled in Singapore and France for six months. Online advertising, which includes paid search, is a huge revenue-generator. Google, which primarily depends on advertising, posted $1.03 billion in revenue in its most recent quarter, more than doubling its revenue from a year ago. For the year 2004, its total advertising revenue was $3.1 billion, up from $1.4 billion in 2003.
Update: Microsoft Unveils MSN Online Advertising Platform Information Week
MSN to offer search ads USA Today - Newsbug - TechNewsWorld - - all 268 related »
Take The Trouble Out of Networking with ZeroDegrees - 728x90
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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Yahoo! sets online use in a new direction

Yahoo will start testing of its new Blog and social networking service Yahoo 360°, which aims to better connect users to people they already know. The Yahoo 360° test release will mark the first time the company provides a service to create and share Web logs, also known as blogs, in the United States. Yahoo already offers such tools in some international markets like Japan and South Korea. Available March 29, the free test will integrate Yahoo's existing products, such as instant messenger, photos, local search, music and groups with new offerings such as blogs, mobile blogs and sharing tools for recommending movies, restaurants and other items. Yahoo plans to offer a broader test of the service within six weeks of the initial beta release. Yahoo's 360° announcement comes amid growing investment in blogging and social networking technology by other Internet companies like Google and Microsoft. The home-grown technology will offer users control over who sees their content. There are no plans to put ads on Yahoo 360°. Blogs and social networking have drawn significant user interest and venture capital dollars in recent months and have become an increasingly popular venue for self-publishing content for the Internet's large audience. Microsoft last year added a blogging service, MSN Spaces, to its MSN Internet offerings. Google bought Blogger creator Pyra Labs in early 2003. The Web search company also runs an affiliated social networking service called Orkut.
Yahoo to Step into Blogs Kashar News
Yahoo to Step Into Blogs, Social Networking Reuters
eWeek - - Blog Herald - TechNewsWorld - all 157 related »
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Will Firefox Benefit from Mozilla's Death?

Mozilla has decided to focus less on its "Seamonkey" software suite and concentrate on Firefox and Thunderbird. Mozilla posted a letter on its website explaining that it would discontinue development on SeaMonkey and won't release a new version. Mozilla's plan for the Seamonkey suite is as follows:
"If Mozilla ships 1.8, they'll need to support that as well, and they just can't manage supporting that many versions as well as Firefox and Thunderbird releases. Analysts said Mozilla are preparing for retaliation from Microsoft in the form of a new version of its Internet Explorer Web browser, which has been losing share to Firefox on a monthly basis recently. Last month Microsoft said version 7 would be released with the next update of Windows XP. Microsoft has reason to retaliate. Firefox boasts nearly 27 million downloads since its November final release. Thunderbird has seen nearly 4 million downloads, although that pace has slowed a bit during the past month.
Can Firefox outfox IE? CNET
Netscape browser makes comeback MSNBC
Windows & Net Magazine - Washington Times - InfoWorld - WebProNews - all 29 related »
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Friday, March 11, 2005


Gates still world's richest man!

Four heirs to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. founder Sam Walton dropped out of the Forbes Magazine's top 10 list of the world's billionaires in 2004. They were largely replaced by businessmen from other regions of the world. Wal-Mart Chairman S. Robson Walton was the only Walton to make the top 10 this year. Slow growth and a bevy of legal problems at the retail behemoth has prompted a 10.8% decline in Wal-Mart's stock price since March 2004. And the dollar's steady slide in 2004 has fattened the coffers of billionaires abroad. Of the top 10 billionaires, half live outside of the United States, compared with two last year, and several saw their wealth increase by as little as $2.2 billion to as much as $18.8 billion. The Walton's were replaced on the list by Indian steel magnate, Lakshmi Mittal, who took the no. 3 spot, with a net worth of $25 billion, and Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim Helu, who took the fourth spot after his telecommunications fortune grew by $10 billion this year. Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Swedish home furnishings retailer Ikea, and German supermarket owner Karl Albrecht also made the top 10, at no. 6 and no. 8, respectively. Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates held onto his title as world's richest man for the 11th year, but no.2 billionaire, investor Warren Buffett, narrowed the gap between them to just $2.5 billion. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway shares outperformed those of Microsoft this year, prompting speculation the "Oracle of Omaha" may overtake Gates soon.
The world's ten richest billionaires in 2004
Rank Name Age Worth ($bil)
Country Of Citizenship
1 William Gates III 49 46.5 United States
2 Warren Buffett 74 44.0 United States
3 Lakshmi Mittal 54 25.0 India
4 Carlos Slim Helu 65 23.8 Mexico
5 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud 48 23.7 Saudi Arabia
6 Ingvar Kamprad 78 23.0 Sweden
7 Paul Allen 52 21.0 United States
8 Karl Albrecht 85 18.5 Germany
9 Lawrence Ellison 60 18.4 United States
10 S Robson Walton 61 18.3 United States
Billionaires' roll call
Bill Gates again tops Forbes richest list: New Kerala
RTE Interactive - GEO - Orlando Sentinel (subscription) - Washington Post - all 250 related »
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

CIO Today

Singapore tops WEF's survey on use of IT

The United States has dropped four places and ceded top billing in the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report to Singapore. The Report ranks Singapore as the top economy in exploiting global ICT developments for the first time. The report places Singapore as the best performer worldwide in a number of categories – quality of maths and science education, affordability of telephone connection charges, and government prioritization and procurement of ICT – and gets extremely high scores in other areas, such as affordability of Internet access.
Singapore overtakes US to lead Global IT Report
The Report I Press release I Interview I Rankings
By contrast, the United States drops to number 5 in the ranking. However, the loss in rank is less due to actual erosion in performance with respect to its past history and more to continuing improvements by its competitors. The United States maintains global leadership in the business readiness component of the rankings as well as in variables such as the quality of its scientific research institutions and business schools – which have no peer in the world – and the availability of training opportunities for the labour force as well as the existence of a well-developed venture capital market, which has spurred innovation.
Singapore overtakes US to lead world in new IT Financial Times
RP IT ranking drops in latest survey ABS CBN News
Singapore tops tech progress list: New Kerala
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) - Australian Financial Review - all 77 related »

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

FinFacts Ireland

China OKs trading of foreign currencies

China will allow limited trading of foreign currencies like U.S. dollars against euros starting in May as it gradually loosens tight market controls, Dow Jones Newswires reported. Actually China allows trading of its own currency, the Renminbi yuan, for U.S. dollar, euro, Hong Kong dollar and Japanese yen, and exclusively for foreign trade reasons. After May 2005 eight foreign currency pairs will be allowed to be traded domestically, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System said in a statement responding to questions from Dow Jones.
China sees steady interest rate, currency Times of Malta
EXCLUSIVE: China To Expand Onshore Forex Trading -2- Yahoo News
Xinhua - Taipei Times - Reuters - Malaysia Star - all 66 related »
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Sunday, March 06, 2005


Accuser's family praise Michael Jackson in video

In a videotape produced two years ago by aides to Michael Jackson but never telecast, the boy he is charged with molesting said the singer was a "loving, kind, humble man." "I took to him real quick," the boy said, describing their first meeting, in 2000 at Mr. Jackson's Neverland ranch, where he had gone at the singer's invitation while fighting cancer. "When I was little, I would pray that I would meet Michael Jackson one day." On his first night at the ranch, the boy said, he asked Mr. Jackson if he could sleep in the master bedroom with him, and they argued playfully over who would take the floor and who the bed. Not long afterward, the boy, who was 10 at the time and whose parents are divorced, asked if he could call Mr. Jackson "Daddy," and the singer assented, the boy said. "He treats us like he's my father," the child said of himself and his family. "He said I could call him any time." The tape was shown for the first time on Friday, in a courtroom at the end of the first week of Mr. Jackson's trial on charges that he sexually abused the boy and later conspired with several employees to abduct and isolate him and his family and take them out of the country. On the tape, everyone was effusive in praise of Mr. Jackson. "He's a true family man, and I appreciate him with all my heart," the boy's mother said, describing the relationship between the entertainer and her son as "an innocent love." The tape was made shortly after the February 2003 American broadcast of a British documentary, "Living With Michael Jackson". In her testimony Friday, the boy's sister disavowed their mother's taped remarks to the effect that the family had been so poor they could not afford bus fare or decent food and that no one had come to their aid but Mr. Jackson. "She was just trying to make it more dramatic, because that's what they wanted," the young woman said. In the defense team's first chance to question a member of the boy's family, Mr. Mesereau tried to undercut the witness's credibility, implying repeatedly that she had been coached in the answers she was giving on the stand. He suggested, without quite saying so, that she, her two brothers and their mother had conspired to go after Mr. Jackson and his money, and asked her again and again whether they had discussed the case among themselves. "We just don't like to talk about anything associated with this," she maintained. "It just upsets us."
Jackson accuser's sister testifies CNN International
Trial Watch Chicago Tribune (subscription) - Houston Chronicle - - Scotsman - all 1,434 related »
Philippine Flag Big
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Friday, March 04, 2005


US adventurer completes global nonstop solo fligh

US millionaire adventurer SteveFossett on Thursday completed a record-setting nonstop solo flight around the world, landing in Kansas after nearly three days in an experimental jet. The plane covered about 23,000 miles on a zigzag course across the Atlantic, Africa, Asia and the Pacific to ride the tailwinds, which sometimes blew at 150 miles an hour. It touched down shortly before 2 p.m. local time yesterday at a former Air Force base in Salina, Kan., 67 hours after it took off. The trip, apparently the longest solo airplane flight in distance and time, was also a test of human endurance. Steve Fossett, a 60-year-old investment executive and avid sailor, who emerged from his cockpit through a small access hatch to the cheers of spectators and his ground crew, said he did not sleep for the first 24 hours, had only a few catnaps for the rest of the trip and subsisted on a dozen diet milkshakes. Steve Fossett became the first to fly around the world solo in a balloon on his sixth attempt, in 2002. Sir Richard Branson, the flamboyant Virgin Atlantic airline magnate who bankrolled the project for an undisclosed sum, waved a giant checkered flag, and later doused Mr. Fossett in Champagne. Spectators cheered, the marching band of Salina High School South played and its majorettes twirled in an unseasonable 69 degrees under blue skies, in a pancake-flat place chosen not with the landing in mind but the takeoff.
Fossett completes historic flight Australian Financial Review
Flier circles globe without stopping Albuquerque Tribune
ABC News - New York Times - Reuters - CNET - all 1,885 related »
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

CNN Internationa

HSBC 2004 Net Profit Up 35%, Hong Kong Rebound

HSBC Holdings Plc, Europe's biggest bank by market value, said annual profit rose 35%, helped by an increase in consumer borrowing and income from trading currencies and fixed income. Net income rose to US$11.84 billion, or US$1.07 a share, from US$8.77 billion, the London-based bank said in a News Service statement. Chairman John Bond is expanding in countries such as China and India to counter falling lending margins and higher loan loss provisions at the bank's Household International Inc US business. HSBC bought House-hold, a lender to consumers who can't obtain credit from other banks, for US$15 billion in 2003. Shares of HSBC gained 0.1% last year, the second-worst performers on the 10-member FTSE 350 Banks index, which rose 6.8%. The shares rose US$0.07 to US$8.93 on Feb. 25, giving the bank a market value of about US$190 billion. The purchase of Household, which produces about a fifth of the bank's total profit, gave HSBC more than 50 million customers in the US and pushed up provisions for doubtful loans last year to US$6.36 billion, up US$264 million from the previous year. Interest margins at Household are narrowing as the bank reduces the amount of the most risky, high-interest paying loans it makes, Finance Director Douglas Flint said in November. Bond is trying to counter the slowdown at Household by lifting profits in the UK. HSBC bought Marks & Spencer Group Plc's retail banking unit for US$1,466 million in November to become Britain's No. 2 credit-card issuer after Barclays Plc. HSBC's UK bank accounts for 33 percent of expenses and 25% of earnings. Founded in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865, HSBC has spent US$51.8 billion on acquisitions during the past five years. In August, HSBC paid US$1.75 billion for a fifth of Bank of Communications (交通銀行), China's No. 5 lender, adding to stakes it has in Bank of Shanghai (上海銀行) and Ping An Insur-ance Co (平安保險). It's also looking for acquisitions in Japan and Korea, Flint said in December. In Hong Kong, where HSBC makes about a quarter of its profit, banks are setting aside smaller provisions against loan defaults after the economy snapped 68 months of deflation in July, pushing the jobless rate to a three-year low.
HSBC Bank's parent posts 24% increase in earnings Buffalo News

HSBC 04 Net Pft Up 35%, Hong Kong Rebounds Yahoo News
ic - Financial Times - Taipei Times - International Herald Tribune - all 53 related »
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