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Saturday, July 31, 2004
Sudan accepts U.N. sanctions threat

Sudan will comply with a U.N. resolution threatening it with sanctions if it failed to restore security in the crisis-hit Darfur region. "Sudan is not happy with the (U.N.) Security Council resolution, but we will comply with it to the best of our ability," Osman Al Said, Sudan's ambassador to the African Union, told a news conference in Ethiopia on Saturday. "Because should we fail to do so, we know our enemies would not hesitate to take other measures against our country," he added, in remarks that backed down from Sudan's initial rejection of the vote. "Sudan accepts the decision of the (U.N.) Security Council on Darfur, because it is a member of the United Nations and has no other options." Al Said added.
Sunday, July 25, 2004
George W. Bush's service records surface
SUMMER OF '72: The Pentagon has released information it had previously said it didn't have. But we still don't know for sure how Bush spent a long-ago summer in Alabama.
Missing payroll records of George W. Bush's disputed service in the National Guard have turned up, more than five months after the White House reported them lost and four weeks to the day after the Defense Department said they were inadvertently destroyed, the Pentagon reported Friday. The records confirm what previously released records already show and the White House has acknowledged: that former 1st Lieutenant Bush did not perform service in the third quarter of 1972, when he left his Texas Air National Guard unit to transfer to Alabama where he worked on a political campaign. But the records, released in response to a reporter's Freedom of Information request, do little to resolve other questions about how and where Bush performed his prescribed military service between May 1972 and May 1973. Two other sets of payroll records appear to conflict over whether Bush earned any service credits at all in 1972. The spokeswoman, Claire Buchan, said, "All the military records demonstrate he fully fulfilled his service."

Fare Compare 468x60
How Bush got into the National Guard in 1968 during the Vietnam War and pursued his six-year commitment became an issue in his campaigns for Texas governor and president. It erupted again in February when Democrats supporting Senator John Kerry said Bush had gone absent without leave, citing official reports that he had not been seen by military officers in Alabama. The White House on Feb. 10 countered by releasing hundreds of pages of National Guard records showing, in part, that Bush had accumulated sufficient payroll credits to back up his honorable, and early, discharge in October 1973, to attend Harvard Business School. In releasing the data, the administration said that it was not including the payroll records from the third quarter of 1972 because, according to the Defense Financial Accounting Service, they "were apparently lost when they were being transferred to microfiche." The Pentagon's Office of Freedom of Information and Security Review, on June 25, also omitted those records and ones from the first quarter of 1969 when it provided hundreds of pages of Bush's National Guard file in response to a request filed Feb. 10
By The New York Times.
Saturday, July 24, 2004
John Kerry Advocates for a Stronger Economy
The measure of a strong economy is a growing middle-class where every American has a chance to work and an opportunity to succeed.
In America, a rising tide is supposed to lift all boats. But today, Americans are working harder, earning less, and paying more for health care, college, and taxes. Corporate profits are soaring, the government keeps expanding, but the opportunities for our middle-class are shrinking.
It's time to bring those opportunities back. John Kerry and John Edwards know that we're stronger when we create good-paying jobs here, not ship them overseas. They want to reward hardworking middle-class families with tax breaks, not larger bills. They want to expand the reach of opportunity, not the size of government. And they want to lead an America where we work together to invest in the jobs of tomorrow.
John Kerry and John Edwards have seen the faces and heard the voices of struggling middle-class families. But they've come away convinced more than ever that we're a country of optimists - a country that can do better and think bigger about the challenges we face. We can grow our economy by strengthening our middle-class. And we can make America richer by giving everyone a chance to build a better life for their families.
John Kerry and John Edwards' plan to build a stronger economy will:

Create Good-Paying Jobs
As president, John Kerry will cut taxes for businesses that create jobs here in America instead of moving them overseas. John Kerry and John Edwards will also stand up for workers by enforcing our trade agreements.
Cut Middle-Class Taxes To Raise Middle-Class Incomes
When John Kerry is president, middle-class taxes will go down. Ninety-eight percent of all Americans and 99 percent of American businesses will get a tax cut under the Kerry-Edwards plan.
Make Washington Live Within A Budget
John Kerry will cut the deficit in half during his first four years in office. He will end corporate welfare as we know it, roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, and impose a real cap to keep spending in check. And when John Kerry puts forward a new idea, he'll tell you how he's going to pay for it.
Invest In The Jobs Of Tomorrow
Today, businesses are harnessing new technology to manufacture energy-efficient cars, high-grade steel, advanced plastics and other new products. And this requires a bigger, skilled labor force to make them. John Kerry and John Edwards believe we should invest in these jobs and invest in the people who will fill them.
Wired Presidential Campaign on July 22, 2004
  • Wired coverage: 67.94%

  • Media coverage: 75.03%

  • Wired coverage: 68.57% (July 22), 66.86% (July 23) and 67.94% (July 24)
  • Media coverage: 74.61% (July 20), 75.07% (July 21) and 75.03% (July 22)
    Kerry-Edwards has a clear wired and media leadership!
  • Wired coverage progression: (22-23) -2.49%, (23-24) +1.62%, (22-24) -0.92%
  • Media coverage progression: (22-23)+0.62%, (23-24) -0.05%, (22-24) +0.56%

    What about Kerry's digital campaign?

    Kerry's campaign site:
    July 23, 2004: 204,000 or 66.86%
    July 24, 2004: 203,000 or 67.94%

    Bush's campaign site:
    July 23, 2004: 81,700 or 26.78%
    July 24, 2004: 75,700 or 25.33%

    Nader's campaign site:
    July 23, 2004: 19,400 or 6.36%
    July 24, 2004: 20,100 or 6.73%

    And what about Kerry's media coverage?

    July 23, 2004: 76,800 or 75.07%
    July 24, 2004: 77,900 or 75.03%

    July 23, 2004: 20,300 or 19.84%
    July 24, 2004: 20,500 or 19.75%

    July 23, 2004: 5,210 or 5.09%
    July 24, 2004: 5,420 or 5.22% - Great rooms at Great Prices!
  • Friday, July 23, 2004
    Ackermann acquitted in Mannesmann trial
    Deutsche Bank chief executive Josef Ackermann was this week cleared of charges relating to bonus and pension payments he approved while acting as a director of mobile telephone company Mannesman. That will come as a relief to Deutsche, which has had to deal with its CEO spending two days a week at a specially-established satellite office while the trial proceeded. Ackermann, along with five co-defendants (all cleared), contested that the contentious payments were compensation for successfully steering the company to a merger with Vodafone; prosecutors, who had sought prison sentences and have entered an appeal against the verdict, say they "breached trust" by approving a payment that amounted to little more than a lavish bribe. The judgment was widely considered to be a litmus test for Germany's tolerance of "Anglo-Saxon" style free-marketeering. That was explicitly recognized by the presiding judge, who said her court didn't "take any moral or ethical decisions. We don't judge Germany's corporate culture."

    The Story
    The Swiss head of Deutsche Bank and five co-defendants have been acquitted of criminal charges over payments to executives during a telecom takeover battle. Josef Ackermann had stood accused of acting illegally in approving payments made during Vodafone’s 2000 buyout of Mannesmann. The six-month trial ended after the presiding judge, Brigitte Koppenhoefer, cleared all six of criminal charges of breach of trust or abetting a breach of trust. The acquittal in the German city of Düsseldorf had been widely expected after the judge said in a mid-trial review at the end of March that there was no basis for a criminal case against Ackermann and the others. She warned at the time that the prosecution would have to come up with fresh evidence. Prosecutors had sought a two-year suspended sentence for Ackermann, while two former Mannesmann executives faced prison terms of at least two and a half years. Speaking after the verdict was announced, Ackermann said he was "very thankful... that all the accusations of corruption and of being corruptible [were] absolutely off the table". "Acquitted is acquitted and now we can again concentrate on the bank," he added.

    Ackermann and the five other defendants, including former Mannesmann boss Klaus Esser, successfully denied charges of breach of trust in approving €57 million in bonuses and retirement packages to executives when Mannesmann was taken over by Vodafone four years ago. Although he received no money himself, Ackermann - a former top manager at Credit Suisse - was on the Mannesmann board at the time and signed off on the payments. Prosecutors based the charges on allegations that the executives failed in their duty to properly “manage” or “safeguard” Mannesmann assets. The defence lawyers had called for acquittals, saying that the prosecutors failed to prove actual economic damage to the companies and that the payouts were appropriate compensation for increasing Mannesmann’s value. Had the trial gone against him, Ackermann would have faced a fine or prison sentence and would almost certainly have had to step down from the board of Germany’s largest bank.

    Test case
    Many observers saw the trial as a test of a company’s right to offer financial rewards to senior executives. There were also fears that some international corporations would shy away from doing business in Germany if the case had gone against the defendants. But in her ruling on Thursday, Koppenhoefer said it was not up to the court to pass moral judgement. “We are not sitting in judgement on German corporate culture, though the evidence that was heard provoked astonishment,” she said in court. The acquittal removes a major distraction for Ackermann, who has been forced to attend court proceedings twice a week since the trial got underway on January 21.

    Wired Presidential Campaign on July 22, 2004
  • Wired coverage: 68.02%

  • Media coverage: 75.02%

  • Wired coverage: 66.44% (July 20), 68.02% (July 21) and 68.57% (July 22)
  • Media coverage: 75.39% (July 20), 75.02% (July 21) and 74.61% (July 22)

    Kerry-Edwards has a clear wired and media leadership!
  • Wired coverage progression: (20-21) +2.38%, (21-22) +0.81%, (20-22) +3.21%
  • Media coverage progression: (20-21) -0.49%, (21-22) . -0.55%, (20-22) -1.03%

    The Democratic Rising Stars in 2004:
  • John Kerry - News

  • Wesley Clark - News

  • Howard Dean - News

  • John Edwards - News

  • Dick Gephardt - News

  • Bob Graham - News

  • Dennis Kucinich - News

  • Joe Lieberman - News

  • Carol Moseley Braun - News

  • Al Sharpton - News

  • - Drivers wanted!
    Bush Must Go

    Bush Must Go: The Top Ten Reasons Why George Bush Doesn't Deserve a Second Term by Bill Press.
  • 01 - "The War In Iraq: He Misled Our Nation Into War"

  • 02 -"The War on Terror: He Made Us Less Safe from Terrorism"

  • 03 -"Jobs: He Put 3 Million Americans Out of Work"

  • 04 -"The Deficit: He Spent Money Like a Drunken Sailor"

  • 05 -"The Patriot Act: He Undermined Our Most Basic Freedoms"

  • 06 -"Crony Capitalism: He Sold America Out to Special Interests"

  • 07 -"Foreign Policy: He Ruined America's Standing in the World"

  • 08 -"The Environment: He's the Worst President Ever"

  • 09 -"Broken Promises: He's a Divider, Not a Uniter"

  • 10 -"The Credibility Gap: He Never Tells the Truth"

  • "Bonus Reason - Florida: He Stole the 2000 Election"

    9/11 Commission Report
    Released July 22, 2004
    The independent, bipartisan National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States was established by Congress in 2002 to investigate the events of and circumstances surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The panel heard from members of the Clinton and Bush administrations, New York City emergency personnel and victims' families. Their final report was released on July 22, 2004. It is available below in PDF format.
    Complete 9/11 Commission Report (7.4 MB)
    Executive Summary (5.9 MB)
    Report by Chapter
    Contents, List of Illustrations and Tables, Members, and Staff (233 KB)
    Preface (67 KB)
    Chapter 1: "We Have Some Planes" (952 KB)
    Chapter 2: The Foundation of the New Terrorism (1.44 MB)
    Chapter 3: Counterterrorism Evolves (188 KB)
    Chapter 4: Responses to al Qaeda's Initial Assaults (185 KB)
    Chapter 5: Al Qaeda Aims at the American Homeland (312 KB)
    Chapter 6: From Threat to Threat (209 KB)
    Chapter 7: The Attack Looms (949 KB)
    Chapter 8: "The System Was Blinking Red" (146 KB)
    Chapter 9: Heroism and Horror (2.3 MB)
    Chapter 10: Wartime (109 KB)
    Chapter 11: Foresight--and Hindsight (133 KB)
    Chapter 12: What to do? A Global Strategy (184 KB)
    Chapter 13: How to do it? A Different Way of Organizing the Government (158 KB)

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